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Fix timeremap clip always using proxies on rendering.

BUG: 454089
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......@@ -1840,8 +1840,15 @@ void KdenliveDoc::useOriginals(QDomDocument &doc)
// replace proxy clips with originals
QMap<QString, QString> proxies = pCore->projectItemModel()->getProxies(root);
QDomNodeList producers = doc.elementsByTagName(QStringLiteral("producer"));
QDomNodeList chains = doc.elementsByTagName(QStringLiteral("chain"));
processProxyNodes(producers, root, proxies);
processProxyNodes(chains, root, proxies);
void KdenliveDoc::processProxyNodes(QDomNodeList producers, const QString &root, const QMap<QString, QString> &proxies)
QString producerResource;
QString producerService;
QString originalProducerService;
......@@ -173,6 +173,7 @@ public:
double getDocumentVersion() const;
/** @brief Replace proxy clips with originals for rendering. */
void useOriginals(QDomDocument &doc);
void processProxyNodes(QDomNodeList producers, const QString &root, const QMap<QString, QString> &proxies);
QUrl m_url;
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