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Use urllist for lut effect

Related to #728
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......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
<description>Apply a Look Up Table (LUT) to the video.
<full><![CDATA[A LUT is an easy way to correct the color of a video. Supported formats: .3dl (AfterEffects), .cube (Iridas), .dat(DaVinci), .m3d (Pandora)]]></full></description>
<parameter type="url" name="av.file" filter="*.cube *.3dl *.dat *.m3d|LUT files">
<parameter type="urllist" name="av.file" paramlist="%lutPaths" filter="LUT files (*.cube *.3dl *.dat *.m3d)">
<name>LUT file to apply</name>
<parameter type="list" name="av.interp" default="tetrahedral" paramlist="nearest;trilinear;tetrahedral">
......@@ -12,4 +12,3 @@
<paramlistdisplay>Nearest, Trilinear, Tetrahedral</paramlistdisplay>
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