Commit 7a05e261 authored by Julius Künzel's avatar Julius Künzel
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Remove unused "Trim mode" action

parent 70bd964f
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......@@ -1572,9 +1572,6 @@ void MainWindow::setupActions()
actionCollection()->setShortcutsConfigurable(monitorGamma, false);
addAction(QStringLiteral("switch_trim"), i18n("Trim Mode"), this, SLOT(slotSwitchTrimMode()), QIcon::fromTheme(QStringLiteral("cursor-arrow")));
// disable shortcut until fully working, Qt::CTRL + Qt::Key_T);
addAction(QStringLiteral("insert_project_tree"), i18n("Insert Zone in Project Bin"), this, SLOT(slotInsertZoneToTree()),
QIcon::fromTheme(QStringLiteral("kdenlive-add-clip")), Qt::CTRL + Qt::Key_I);
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