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Correctly save and restore rendering properties for the project

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......@@ -151,8 +151,6 @@ protected:
void keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent *e) override;
public slots:
Q_DECL_DEPRECATED void slotExport(bool scriptExport, int zoneIn, int zoneOut, const QMap<QString, QString> &metadata, const QList<QString> &playlistPaths,
const QList<QString> &trackNames, const QString &scriptPath, bool exportAudio);
void slotAbortCurrentJob();
void slotPrepareExport(bool scriptExport = false, const QString &scriptPath = QString());
void adjustViewToProfile();
......@@ -3198,7 +3198,6 @@ void MainWindow::slotTranscodeClip()
void MainWindow::slotSetDocumentRenderProfile(const QMap<QString, QString> &props)
KdenliveDoc *project = pCore->currentDoc();
bool modified = false;
QMapIterator<QString, QString> i(props);
while (i.hasNext()) {
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