Commit 807cf558 authored by Julius Künzel's avatar Julius Künzel 💬
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multitrack view: Fix scaling in some cases eg. with rotoscoping

parent 70f58584
......@@ -1100,7 +1100,9 @@ QStringList TimelineFunctions::enableMultitrackView(const std::shared_ptr<Timeli
transition.set("a_track", 0);
transition.set("b_track", b_track);
transition.set("distort", 0);
transition.set("aligned", 0);
transition.set("aligned", 1);
transition.set("halign", 1);
transition.set("valign", 1);
// 200 is an arbitrary number so we can easily remove these transition later
transition.set("internal_added", 200);
QString geometry;
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