Commit 85b3d8c1 authored by Ed Rogalsky's avatar Ed Rogalsky
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sync with v0.9 branch

parent c05150ef
......@@ -2,10 +2,10 @@ project(kdenlive)
# An odd patch version number means development version, while an even one means
# stable release. An additional number can be used for bugfix-only releases.
# Minimum versions of main dependencies.
set(QT_MIN_VERSION 4.5.0)
set(KDE_MIN_VERSION 4.3.0)
* Fix keyframes when cutting a clip / undoing a clip cut
* Warn before overwriting .mlt stabilized file
* Fix monitor confusion (clip monitor sometimes playing timeline,...)
* Fix the Mono to Stereo effect UI
* Fix proxy of playlist having wrong aspect ratio in some locales
* Fix transition widget not correctly updated when resizing a transition
* Fix DVD chapters broken when using an intro movie
* Fix error message (No matching profile) poping up in render widget when everything was ok
* Fix clip keyframes not showing on project load
* Fix bug when moving guide (was not moving to the correct place)
* Fix project corruption (wrong character) caused by some clip's metadata
* Fix possible crash on track deletion
* Fix timeline corruption when using spacer tool or overwrite edit mode
* Fix possible crash when editing speed effect
* Fix transition losing all its properties when moved
* Fix crash when pressing del when editing animation in title widget
* Fix crash when doing quick clip resize
* Fix corruption when groups where overlapping
* Fix corruption when adding a title clip where a transition already existed
* Fix timeline preview corruption with some transitions
* Fix color parameter in some effects not working correctly (#2644)
* Fix V4l licensing issue (#2632)
Kdenlive 0.9.4
Kdenlive 0.9.6
by Jean-Baptiste Mardelle <> and the Kdenlive team
Kdenlive is a video editing application based on KDE Platform 4.
......@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@
// Recommended MLT version
const int mltVersionMajor = 0;
const int mltVersionMinor = 8;
const int mltVersionRevision = 0;
const int mltVersionRevision = 8;
static const char kdenlive_version[] = VERSION;
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