Commit 8cd7e7b5 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁
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Add more const'ref

parent 9aad7a15
......@@ -4103,7 +4103,7 @@ void MainWindow::slotStartClipAction()
m_projectList->startClipFilterJob(filtername, condition);
void MainWindow::slotTranscode(KUrl::List urls)
void MainWindow::slotTranscode(const KUrl::List &urls)
QString params;
QString desc;
......@@ -4133,7 +4133,7 @@ void MainWindow::slotTranscodeClip()
void MainWindow::slotSetDocumentRenderProfile(QMap <QString, QString> props)
void MainWindow::slotSetDocumentRenderProfile(const QMap <QString, QString> &props)
if (m_activeDocument == NULL) return;
QMapIterator<QString, QString> i(props);
......@@ -4607,7 +4607,7 @@ void MainWindow::slotArchiveProject()
void MainWindow::slotOpenBackupDialog(const KUrl url)
void MainWindow::slotOpenBackupDialog(const KUrl &url)
KUrl projectFile;
KUrl projectFolder;
......@@ -497,12 +497,12 @@ private slots:
void slotUpdateClipType(QAction *action);
void slotShowTimeline(bool show);
void slotMaximizeCurrent(bool show);
void slotTranscode(KUrl::List urls = KUrl::List());
void slotTranscode(const KUrl::List &urls = KUrl::List());
void slotStartClipAction();
void slotTranscodeClip();
/** @brief Archive project: creates a copy of the project file with all clips in a new folder. */
void slotArchiveProject();
void slotSetDocumentRenderProfile(QMap <QString, QString> props);
void slotSetDocumentRenderProfile(const QMap<QString, QString> &props);
void slotPrepareRendering(bool scriptExport, bool zoneOnly, const QString &chapterFile);
/** @brief Switches between displaying frames or timecode.
......@@ -554,7 +554,7 @@ private slots:
/** @brief Insert current project's timecode into the notes widget. */
void slotInsertNotesTimecode();
/** @brief Open the project's backupdialog. */
void slotOpenBackupDialog(const KUrl url = KUrl());
void slotOpenBackupDialog(const KUrl &url = KUrl());
/** @brief Disable proxies for this project. */
void slotDisableProxies();
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