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url effect parameter : react on drop

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......@@ -49,8 +49,12 @@ UrlParamWidget::UrlParamWidget(std::shared_ptr<AssetParameterModel> model, QMode
// emit the signal of the base class when appropriate
connect(this->urlwidget, &KUrlRequester::urlSelected, [this](QUrl url) { emit valueChanged(m_index, url.toLocalFile(), true); });
connect(this->urlwidget, QOverload<>::of(&KUrlRequester::returnPressed), [this]() { emit valueChanged(m_index, this->urlwidget->url().toLocalFile(), true); });
connect(this->urlwidget, &KUrlRequester::textChanged, [this]() {
QFileInfo info(urlwidget->url().toLocalFile());
if (info.exists() && info.isFile()) {
emit valueChanged(m_index, this->urlwidget->url().toLocalFile(), true);
void UrlParamWidget::slotShowComment(bool show)
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