Commit 92dc2891 authored by Sashmita Raghav's avatar Sashmita Raghav
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Add function to append subtitles to list

parent a9a62259
......@@ -174,4 +174,20 @@ GenTime SubtitleModel::stringtoTime(QString str)
total_sec = hours *3600 + mins *60 + seconds + ms * 0.001 ;
GenTime pos= GenTime(total_sec);
return pos;
void SubtitleModel::addSubtitle(GenTime start, GenTime end, QString str)
auto model = getModel(); //gets model shared ptr
Q_ASSERT(model->m_subtitleList.count(start)==0); //returns warning if sub at start time position already exists ,i.e. count !=0
auto it= model->m_subtitleList.lower_bound(start); // returns the key and its value *just* greater than start.
Q_ASSERT(it->first < model->m_subtitleList.end()->second.second); // returns warning if added subtitle start time is less than last subtitle's end time
int insertRow= static_cast<int>(model->m_subtitleList.size());//converts the returned unsigned size() to signed int
/* For adding it in the middle of the list */
if (it != model->m_subtitleList.end()) { // check if the subtitle greater than added subtitle is not the same as the last one
insertRow = static_cast<int>(std::distance(model->m_subtitleList.begin(), it));
model->beginInsertRows(QModelIndex(), insertRow, insertRow);
model->m_subtitleList[start] = {str, end};
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