Commit 96ab36c4 authored by Jean-Baptiste Mardelle's avatar Jean-Baptiste Mardelle
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Various fixes on project opening with missing proxies (playlist and timeremap broken)

parent 9101fa7a
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......@@ -48,6 +48,7 @@ private slots:
QUrl m_url;
QDomDocument m_doc;
QString m_documentid;
Ui::MissingClips_UI m_ui;
QDialog *m_dialog;
QPair<QString, QString> m_rootReplacement;
......@@ -64,16 +65,23 @@ private:
QStringList m_safeFonts;
QStringList m_missingProxyIds;
QStringList m_changedClips;
// List clips whose proxy is missing
QList<QDomElement> m_missingProxies;
// List clips who have a working proxy but no source clip
QList<QDomElement> m_missingSources;
bool m_abortSearch;
bool m_checkRunning;
void fixClipItem(QTreeWidgetItem *child, const QDomNodeList &producers, const QDomNodeList &trans);
void fixSourceClipItem(QTreeWidgetItem *child, const QDomNodeList &producers);
void fixProxyClip(const QString &id, const QString &oldUrl, const QString &newUrl, const QDomNodeList &producers);
void fixProxyClip(const QString &id, const QString &oldUrl, const QString &newUrl);
void doFixProxyClip(QDomElement &e, const QString &oldUrl, const QString &newUrl);
/** @brief Returns list of transitions containing luma files */
QMap<QString, QString> getLumaPairs() const;
/** @brief Remove _missingsourcec flag in fixed clips */
void fixMissingSource(const QString &id, QDomNodeList producers);
/** @brief Check for various missing elements */
QStringList getMissingProducers(QDomElement e, QDomNodeList entries, QStringList verifiedPaths, QStringList missingPaths, const QStringList serviceToCheck, const QString root, const QString storageFolder);
void showScanning(const QString);
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