Commit 9f630e16 authored by Jean-Baptiste Mardelle's avatar Jean-Baptiste Mardelle
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Fix Extract corrupting clip keyframes

Ref: T1961
parent cf23802e
......@@ -3201,20 +3201,25 @@ void CustomTrackView::extractZone(bool closeGap)
if (m_timeline->getTrackInfo(clip->track()).isLocked)
if (clip->startPos() < inPoint) {
ItemInfo info = clip->info();
ItemInfo baseInfo = clip->info();
ItemInfo info = baseInfo;
info.startPos = inPoint;
new RazorClipCommand(this, clip->info(), clip->effectList(), inPoint, true, command);
info.cropDuration = info.endPos - info.startPos;
if (clip->endPos() > outPoint) {
new RazorClipCommand(this, info, clip->effectList(), outPoint, true, command);
new RazorClipCommand(this, baseInfo, clip->effectList(), outPoint, true, command);
info.cropDuration = outPoint - inPoint;
info.endPos = outPoint;
baseInfo.endPos = outPoint;
baseInfo.cropDuration = outPoint - baseInfo.startPos;
new RazorClipCommand(this, baseInfo, clip->effectList(), inPoint, true, command);
new AddTimelineClipCommand(this, clip->getBinId(), info, clip->effectList(), clip->clipState(), true, true, command);
} else if (clip->endPos() > outPoint) {
ItemInfo newclipInfo = clip->info();
newclipInfo.startPos = outPoint;
new RazorClipCommand(this, newclipInfo, clip->effectList(), outPoint, true, command);
newclipInfo.endPos = outPoint;
newclipInfo.cropDuration = newclipInfo.endPos - newclipInfo.startPos;
new ResizeClipCommand(this, clip->info(), newclipInfo, true, false, command);
new AddTimelineClipCommand(this, clip->getBinId(), newclipInfo, clip->effectList(), clip->clipState(), true, true, command);
} else {
// Clip is entirely inside zone, delete it
new AddTimelineClipCommand(this, clip->getBinId(), clip->info(), clip->effectList(), clip->clipState(), true, true, command);
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