Commit a22c7e40 authored by Rafał Lalik's avatar Rafał Lalik Committed by Julius Künzel
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Fixes wrong version checking for typewriter and allows to work with development version of mlt-6.25

May be broken when using old master of MLT (6.25.0) before typewriter was merged.
parent a3b27383
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......@@ -192,7 +192,7 @@ TitleWidget::TitleWidget(const QUrl &url, const Timecode &tc, QString projectTit
connect(tw_rd_line, &QRadioButton::toggled, this, &TitleWidget::slotUpdateTW);
connect(tw_rd_custom, &QRadioButton::toggled, this, &TitleWidget::slotUpdateTW);
if (mlt_version_get_int() <= 0x061a00) {
if (mlt_version_get_int() < 0x061900) {
auto *twinfo = new KMessageWidget(typewriterBox);
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