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Add missing icon file

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<svg version="1.1" viewBox="0 0 16 16" xmlns="">
<style id="current-color-scheme" type="text/css">.ColorScheme-Text {
<path class="ColorScheme-Text" d="m10.005155 10v1h1.994845v-1zm-6.005155-2v1h8v-1zm0 2v1h4v-1zm-2-7v10h12v-10zm1 1h10v8h-10z" fill="currentColor"/>
......@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ ecm_install_icons(ICONS
# 16-actions-add-subtitle.svg
  • Hi, just tested today build (for Windows) and there are missing icons missing

    can this related to recent changes?

  • Yes, thanks for the hint. This is related to recent changes. It works for linux but for the windows nightlys we have to wait until we can use framework 5.80 for Craft (probably next weekend). But we are aware of it…

  • Btw it is the same with the subtitle icon. There are some problems that will be fixed as soon as we use the new framework version

  • mentioned in issue #981 (closed)

    Toggle commit list
  • This breaks install of breeze-icons as the file clashes

    Please rename the icon in kdenlive or just use the one from breeze-icons

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