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Ensure we don't put a video stream in audio streams in mp3

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......@@ -51,9 +51,9 @@
<group name="Audio only" renderer="avformat" type="audio">
<profile name="WAV" extension="wav" args="properties=WAV"/>
<profile name="MP3" extension="mp3" audioqualities="3,7" defaultaudioquality="5" args="aq=%audioquality"/>
<profile name="MP3" extension="mp3" audioqualities="3,7" defaultaudioquality="5" args="aq=%audioquality acodec=libmp3lame vn=1"/>
<profile name="OGG" extension="ogg" audioqualities="3,7" defaultaudioquality="4" args="aq=%audioquality vn=1"/>
<profile name="AC3" extension="ac3" audiobitrates="192,64" defaultaudiobitrate="160" args="ab=%audiobitrate+'k'"/>
<profile name="AC3" extension="ac3" audiobitrates="192,64" defaultaudiobitrate="160" args="vn=1 ab=%audiobitrate+'k'"/>
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