Restore slide composition (fixes crash on project load, still need full implementation)

parent 5cf26acf
......@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@ wipe.xml
DESTINATION ${DATA_INSTALL_DIR}/kdenlive/transitions)
<!DOCTYPE kpartgui>
<transition tag="composite" id="slide">
<description>Slide image from one side to another.</description>
<author>Dan Dennedy</author>
<parameter tag="geometry" type="wipe" default="-100%,0%:100%x100%;-1=0%,0%:100%x100%" name="geometry">
<parameter tag="aligned" default="0" type="bool" name="aligned" >
<parameter tag="progressive" default="1" type="bool" name="progressive" >
<name>Force Progressive Rendering</name>
<parameter tag="deinterlace" default="0" type="bool" name="deinterlace" >
<name>Force Deinterlace Overlay</name>
<parameter tag="invert" default="0" type="bool" name="invert" >
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