Commit ba91915e authored by Jean-Baptiste Mardelle's avatar Jean-Baptiste Mardelle
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After extract operation, seek cursor to in point

parent 74b825dc
......@@ -2717,12 +2717,15 @@ void TimelineController::extractZone(QPoint zone, bool liftOnly)
if (tracks.isEmpty()) {
pCore->displayMessage(i18n("Please activate a track for this operation by clicking on its label"), ErrorMessage);
if (m_zone == QPoint()) {
if (m_zone.isNull()) {
// Use current timeline position and clip zone length
zone.setY(pCore->getTimelinePosition() + zone.y() - zone.x());
TimelineFunctions::extractZone(m_model, tracks, m_zone == QPoint() ? zone : m_zone, liftOnly);
if (!liftOnly && !m_zone.isNull()) {
void TimelineController::extract(int clipId)
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