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Add 21.04 splash-screen

(cherry picked from commit 30a98e03)
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  • 2-up
  • Swipe
  • Onion skin
  • i hope this is a work-in-progress... seems just a light fog/smoke.. and the logo is completely white without any shadow.. seems just placed as a transparent png on another random image. seems a little bit Krita splash (the white logo) but the image on Krita is nice.

    I don't want to bother anyone, but it looks incomplete. logo2

    on this is just placed some other "geometries" just to fill with something.. but maybe somer TEXT is necessary...

    maybe like this...


    Edited by Davy Bartoloni
  • Hi Davy, thanks for your feedback. although it is more "flat" looking, imho conceptually it is not "that bad" and doesn't require a change, it just different. Not having the name written is on purpose. We are focusing more on the logo and less on the name. (This is part of a transition to rebrand).

  • Ok thank you for the answers Farid :)

  • I hope I contributed to the new one (splash-background). A new logo has been redone, where the color palette is from the Kdenlive interface. The text next to the logo is in English as it is a worldwide and standard language. But I'm from Brazil and I speak Portuguese. This is resolved by creating a splash screen for each language that kdenlive is using. instagram:ojacksonbrandao logo_kdenlive21_04_2021

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