Commit be2e13df authored by Martin Marmsoler's avatar Martin Marmsoler Committed by Julius Künzel
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Fix wrong comparison of current settings and settings stored in the project settings dialog

previewparameters are compared with proxyParams and previewextension is compared to proxyExtension which is wrong
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......@@ -2009,8 +2009,8 @@ void MainWindow::slotEditProjectSettings()
if (KdenliveSettings::audiothumbnails() != w->enableAudioThumbs()) {
if (project->getDocumentProperty(QStringLiteral("previewparameters")) != w->proxyParams() ||
project->getDocumentProperty(QStringLiteral("previewextension")) != w->proxyExtension()) {
if (project->getDocumentProperty(QStringLiteral("previewparameters")) != w->previewParams() ||
project->getDocumentProperty(QStringLiteral("previewextension")) != w->previewExtension()) {
modified = true;
project->setDocumentProperty(QStringLiteral("previewparameters"), w->previewParams());
project->setDocumentProperty(QStringLiteral("previewextension"), w->previewExtension());
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