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Export guides: allow using HH:MM:SS:FF timecode for export

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......@@ -133,6 +133,7 @@ void ExportGuidesDialog::updateContentByModel() const
line.replace("{{index}}", QString::number(i + 1));
line.replace("{{realtimecode}}", pCore->timecode().getDisplayTimecode(currentTime, false));
line.replace("{{timecode}}", chapterTimeStringFromMs(;
line.replace("{{nexttimecode}}", chapterTimeStringFromMs(;
line.replace("{{frame}}", QString::number(currentTime.frames(currentFps)));
  • On Windows: {{realtimecode}} doesn't give HH:MM:SS:FF timecode for export only the string {{realtimecode}} itself.


  • After a new build, {{realtimecode}} shows HH:MM:SS:FF. Issue solved.

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