Commit c75ac2a8 authored by Vivek Yadav's avatar Vivek Yadav
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Update effectlistwidget.cpp

parent 03743f32
......@@ -113,7 +113,7 @@ void EffectListWidget::editCustomAsset(const QModelIndex &index)
QDialog dialog(this);
QFormLayout form(&dialog);
QLineEdit *effectName = new QLineEdit(getName(index), &dialog);
QTextEdit *descriptionBox = new QTextEdit(getDescription(index), &dialog);
QTextEdit *descriptionBox = new QTextEdit(getDescription(true, index), &dialog);
form.addRow(i18n("Name : "), effectName);
form.addRow(i18n("Comments : "), descriptionBox);
QDialogButtonBox buttonBox(QDialogButtonBox::Ok | QDialogButtonBox::Cancel, Qt::Horizontal, &dialog);
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