Commit c83f3cdb authored by Jean-Baptiste Mardelle's avatar Jean-Baptiste Mardelle
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Fix crash check lockfile

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......@@ -36,7 +36,6 @@ the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
#include <QCoreApplication>
#include <QInputDialog>
#include <QDir>
#include <QLockFile>
#include <QQuickStyle>
#include <locale>
#ifdef Q_OS_MAC
......@@ -92,12 +91,17 @@ bool Core::build(bool isAppImage, const QString &MltPath)
// Check if we had a crash
QLockFile lockFile(QDir::temp().absoluteFilePath(QStringLiteral("kdenlivelock")));
if (!lockFile.tryLock()) {
QFile lockFile(QDir::temp().absoluteFilePath(QStringLiteral("kdenlivelock")));
if (lockFile.exists()) {
// a previous instance crashed, propose to delete config files
if (KMessageBox::questionYesNo(QApplication::activeWindow(), i18n("Kdenlive crashed on last startup.\nDo you want to reset the configuration files ?")) == KMessageBox::Yes) {
return false;
} else {
// Create lock file;
if (isAppImage) {
......@@ -238,8 +242,8 @@ void Core::initGUI(const QUrl &Url, const QString &clipsToLoad)
QThreadPool::globalInstance()->setMaxThreadCount(qMin(4, QThreadPool::globalInstance()->maxThreadCount()));
// Release startup crash lock file
QLockFile lockFile(QDir::temp().absoluteFilePath(QStringLiteral("kdenlivelock")));
QFile lockFile(QDir::temp().absoluteFilePath(QStringLiteral("kdenlivelock")));
void Core::buildLumaThumbs(const QStringList &values)
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