Commit cacb5dd2 authored by Jean-Baptiste Mardelle's avatar Jean-Baptiste Mardelle
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Motion tracker: make "pixelate" and "opaque fill" options in the blur type...

Motion tracker: make "pixelate" and "opaque fill" options in the blur type list instead of having extra parameters for them
parent 3f5dbeda
......@@ -70,14 +70,11 @@
<parameter type="color" name="shape_color" default="0xff0000ff">
<name>Shape color</name>
<parameter type="constant" name="pixelate" max="200" min="0" default="0">
<parameter type="constant" name="blur" max="200" min="0" default="0">
<parameter type="list" name="blur_type" default="0" paramlist="0;1">
<paramlistdisplay>Median Blur,Gaussian Blur</paramlistdisplay>
<parameter type="list" name="blur_type" default="2" paramlist="0;1;2;3">
<paramlistdisplay>Median Blur,Gaussian Blur,Pixelate,Opaque fill</paramlistdisplay>
<name>Blur type</name>
<parameter type="hidden" name="modelsfolder" default="">
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