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Show a hamburger menu in the main toolbar if menu bar is hidden

Implemented via KHamburgerMenu

BUG: 358390
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......@@ -830,6 +830,21 @@ void MainWindow::init(const QString &mltPath)
connect(this, &MainWindow::removeBinDock, this, &MainWindow::slotRemoveBinDock);
// m_messageLabel->setMessage(QStringLiteral("This is a beta version. Always backup your data"), MltError);
auto hamburgerMenu = KStandardAction::hamburgerMenu(nullptr, nullptr, actionCollection());
// hack to be able to insert the hamburger menu at the first position
QAction *const firstChild = toolBar()->actionAt(toolBar()->height() / 2, toolBar()->height() / 2);
QAction *const seperator = toolBar()->insertSeparator(firstChild);
toolBar()->insertAction(seperator, hamburgerMenu);
// after the QMenuBar has been initialised
QAction *const showMenuBarAction = actionCollection()->action(QLatin1String(KStandardAction::name(KStandardAction::ShowMenubar)));
// FIXME: workaround for BUG 171080
void MainWindow::slotThemeChanged(const QString &name)
......@@ -1795,7 +1810,9 @@ void MainWindow::setupActions()
pCore->library()->setupActions(QList<QAction *>() << sentToLibrary);
KStandardAction::showMenubar(this, SLOT(showMenuBar(bool)), actionCollection());
QAction *const showMenuBarAction = KStandardAction::showMenubar(this, &MainWindow::showMenuBar, actionCollection());
showMenuBarAction->setWhatsThis(xi18nc("@info:whatsthis", "This switches between having a <emphasis>Menubar</emphasis> "
"and having a <interface>Hamburger Menu</interface> button in the main Toolbar."));
KStandardAction::quit(this, SLOT(close()), actionCollection());
......@@ -4134,7 +4151,7 @@ void MainWindow::slotUpdateCompositeAction(bool enable)
void MainWindow::showMenuBar(bool show)
if (!show) {
if (!show && toolBar()->isHidden()) {
KMessageBox::information(this, i18n("This will hide the menu bar completely. You can show it again by typing Ctrl+M."), i18n("Hide menu bar"),
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