Commit d884e947 authored by Vincent Pinon's avatar Vincent Pinon
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fix wrong previous commit (missed changes, doesn't compile)

parent 021437c6
......@@ -50,15 +50,15 @@ void MltConnection::locateMeltAndProfilesPath(const QString &mltPath)
if (profilePath.isEmpty() || !QFile::exists(profilePath)) profilePath = KdenliveSettings::mltpath();
//try to automatically guess MLT path if installed with the same prefix as kdenlive with default data path
if (profilePath.isEmpty() || !QFile::exists(profilePath)) profilePath = qApp->applicationDirPath() + QStringLiteral("/../share/mlt/profiles/");
if (profilePath.isEmpty() || !QFile::exists(profilePath)) profilePath = QDir::cleanPath(qApp->applicationDirPath() + QStringLiteral("/../share/mlt/profiles/"));
//fallback to build-time definition
if ((profilePath.isEmpty() || !QFile::exists(profilePath)) && !QStringLiteral(MLT_DATADIR).isEmpty()) profilePath = QStringLiteral(MLT_DATADIR) + QStringLiteral("/profiles/");
#ifdef Q_OS_WIN
const QStringLiteral exeSuffix(".exe");
QString exeSuffix = ".exe";
const QStringLiteral exeSuffix();
QString exeSuffix = "";
QString meltPath = qgetenv("MLT_PREFIX") + QStringLiteral("/bin/melt") + exeSuffix;
if (!QFile::exists(meltPath)) meltPath = QDir::cleanPath(profilePath + QStringLiteral("../../../bin/melt") + exeSuffix);
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