Commit d8e2d36c authored by Jean-Baptiste Mardelle's avatar Jean-Baptiste Mardelle
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Fix timeline preview broken in recent change

parent a6e369db
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...@@ -680,11 +680,11 @@ void PreviewManager::invalidatePreview(int startFrame, int endFrame) ...@@ -680,11 +680,11 @@ void PreviewManager::invalidatePreview(int startFrame, int endFrame)
m_previewTrack->consolidate_blanks(); m_previewTrack->consolidate_blanks();
emit m_controller->renderedChunksChanged(); emit m_controller->renderedChunksChanged();
emit m_controller->dirtyChunksChanged(); emit m_controller->dirtyChunksChanged();
} }
if (stopPreview) { if (stopPreview) {
startPreviewRender(); startPreviewRender();
} }
} }
void PreviewManager::reloadChunks(const QVariantList chunks) void PreviewManager::reloadChunks(const QVariantList chunks)
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