Commit d9d2d81e authored by Eric Jiang's avatar Eric Jiang Committed by Jean-Baptiste Mardelle
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Don't wait for a clip to be ready to get its type

This fixes a bug where after duplicating a title clip, the context
menu's "Edit Clip" action is disabled because the clip's type is thought
to be Unknown.

BUG: 456619
parent b4b4b727
......@@ -2340,6 +2340,10 @@ void Bin::selectProxyModel(const QModelIndex &id)
bool isImported = false;
bool hasAudio = false;
ClipType::ProducerType type = ClipType::Unknown;
// don't need to wait for the clip to be ready to get its type
if (clip) {
type = clip->clipType();
if (clip && clip->statusReady()) {
emit requestShowClipProperties(clip, false);
......@@ -2347,7 +2351,6 @@ void Bin::selectProxyModel(const QModelIndex &id)
emit findInTimeline(clip->clipId(), clip->timelineInstances());
clipService = clip->getProducerProperty(QStringLiteral("mlt_service"));
type = clip->clipType();
hasAudio = clip->hasAudio();
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