Commit dbc6793d authored by Michael Vogt's avatar Michael Vogt Committed by Jean-Baptiste Mardelle
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src/dvdwizard/dvdwizardmenu.cpp: do not show "grid" in output

The dvd wizard supports a "grid" to help positioning elements
and it displays small dots so that users can easily position and
align elements in the dvdwizard. This is nice but those are
currently also visible in the output in the dvd menu.

This is fixed by disabling the grid for the rendering.
BUG: 377256
parent 76ceba16
......@@ -667,7 +667,12 @@ void DvdWizardMenu::createBackgroundImage(const QString &img1, bool letterbox)
QPainter p(&img);
p.setRenderHints(QPainter::Antialiasing, true);
p.setRenderHints(QPainter::TextAntialiasing, true);
// set image grid to "1" to ensure we don't display dots all over
// the image when rendering
int oldSize = m_scene->gridSize();
m_scene->render(&p, QRectF(0, 0, img.width(), img.height()));
//m_scene->render(&p, target, source, Qt::IgnoreAspectRatio);
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