Commit dd12da0b authored by Nicolas Carion's avatar Nicolas Carion

Add super class for profileModel

parent 6cbd1cb4
......@@ -127,7 +127,7 @@ int ProfileModel::colorspace() const
return m_profile->colorspace();
bool ProfileModel::operator==(const ProfileModel &other) const
bool ProfileInfo::operator==(const ProfileInfo &other) const
if (!description().isEmpty() && other.description() == description()) {
return true;
......@@ -145,7 +145,7 @@ QString ProfileModel::path() const
return m_path;
QString ProfileModel::colorspaceDescription() const
QString ProfileInfo::colorspaceDescription() const
// TODO: should the descriptions be translated?
switch (colorspace()) {
......@@ -165,12 +165,12 @@ void ProfileModel::set_explicit(int b)
bool ProfileModel::isCompatible(std::unique_ptr<ProfileModel> &other) const
bool ProfileInfo::isCompatible(std::unique_ptr<ProfileInfo> &other) const
return isCompatible(other->m_profile.get());
return frame_rate_num() * 100 / frame_rate_den() == other->frame_rate_num() * 100 / other->frame_rate_den();
bool ProfileModel::isCompatible(Mlt::Profile *other) const
bool ProfileInfo::isCompatible(Mlt::Profile *other) const
return frame_rate_num() * 100 / frame_rate_den() == other->frame_rate_num() * 100 / other->frame_rate_den();
......@@ -26,12 +26,52 @@
#include <QString>
#include <memory>
/* @brief This is a virtual class that represents any profile that we can get info from
class ProfileInfo
ProfileInfo() = default;
virtual ~ProfileInfo() = default;
virtual bool is_valid() const = 0;
virtual QString description() const = 0;
virtual int frame_rate_num() const = 0;
virtual int frame_rate_den() const = 0;
virtual double fps() const = 0;
virtual int width() const = 0;
virtual int height() const = 0;
virtual bool progressive() const = 0;
virtual int sample_aspect_num() const = 0;
virtual int sample_aspect_den() const = 0;
virtual double sar() const = 0;
virtual int display_aspect_num() const = 0;
virtual int display_aspect_den() const = 0;
virtual double dar() const = 0;
virtual int is_explicit() const = 0;
virtual void set_explicit(int b) = 0;
virtual int colorspace() const = 0;
QString colorspaceDescription() const;
virtual QString path() const = 0;
/* @brief overload of comparison operators */
bool operator==(const ProfileInfo &other) const;
bool operator!=(const ProfileInfo &other) const;
/** @brief Returns true if both profiles have same fps, and can be mixed with the xml producer */
bool isCompatible(std::unique_ptr<ProfileInfo> &other) const;
bool isCompatible(Mlt::Profile *other) const;
/** @brief This is a wrapper around Mlt::Profile to be used by the rest of kdenlive.
* It has implicit conversion to Mlt::Profile so you can use it directly in calls to Mlt backend.
class ProfileModel
class ProfileModel : public ProfileInfo
......@@ -40,34 +80,27 @@ public:
/* @brief Constructs a profile using the path to the profile description
ProfileModel(const QString &path);
virtual ~ProfileModel() = default;
bool is_valid() const;
QString description() const;
int frame_rate_num() const;
int frame_rate_den() const;
double fps() const;
int width() const;
int height() const;
bool progressive() const;
int sample_aspect_num() const;
int sample_aspect_den() const;
double sar() const;
int display_aspect_num() const;
int display_aspect_den() const;
double dar() const;
int is_explicit() const;
void set_explicit(int b);
int colorspace() const;
QString colorspaceDescription() const;
QString path() const;
/* @brief overload of comparison operators */
bool operator==(const ProfileModel &other) const;
bool operator!=(const ProfileModel &other) const;
bool is_valid() const override;
QString description() const override;
int frame_rate_num() const override;
int frame_rate_den() const override;
double fps() const override;
int width() const override;
int height() const override;
bool progressive() const override;
int sample_aspect_num() const override;
int sample_aspect_den() const override;
double sar() const override;
int display_aspect_num() const override;
int display_aspect_den() const override;
double dar() const override;
int is_explicit() const override;
void set_explicit(int b) override;
int colorspace() const override;
QString path() const override;
/** @brief Returns true if both profiles have same fps, and can be mixed with the xml producer */
bool isCompatible(std::unique_ptr<ProfileModel> &other) const;
bool isCompatible(Mlt::Profile *other) const;
/* @brief get underlying profile. Use with caution*/
Mlt::Profile &profile() { return *m_profile.get(); };
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