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......@@ -90,6 +90,15 @@ Kdenlive test coverage is focused mostly on timeline model code (extending tests
Kdenlive embeds a fuzzing engine that can detect crashes and auto-generate tests. This can be activated in `cmake` line with:
### Help file for QtCreator, KDevelop, etc.
You can automatically build and install a `*.qch` file with the doxygen docs about the source code to use it with your IDE like Qt Assistant, Qt Creator or KDevelop. This can be activated in `cmake` line with:
You can find the `kdenlive.qch` at `build/src` and after `make install` at `${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/lib/cmake/kdenlive`
To add the `kdenlive.qch` file to Qt Creator, select **Tools** > **Options** > **Help** > **Documentation** > **Add**.
### Speeding up compilations
Ninja build systems, compared to make, seems faster and better detecting which files are necessary to rebuild. You can enable it appending `-GNinja` to `cmake` line
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