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Move xml out of translated string

This is better since the xml is not styling related in this case and
having it seperated from translations is less prone to errors
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......@@ -559,10 +559,11 @@ void ResourceWidget::slotSaveItem(const QString &originalUrl, const QString &acc
"Do you want to add license attribution to your Project Notes?"),
QString(), KStandardGuiItem::yes(), KStandardGuiItem::no(), i18n("Remember this decision")) == KMessageBox::Yes) {
attribution = i18nc("item name, item url, author name, license name, license url",
"This video uses \"%1\" (%2) by \"%3\" licensed under %4. To view a copy of this license, visit %5 .<br/> ",
"This video uses \"%1\" (%2) by \"%3\" licensed under %4. To view a copy of this license, visit %5",
m_currentItem->data(nameRole).toString().isEmpty() ? i18n("Unnamed") : m_currentItem->data(nameRole).toString(),
m_currentItem->data(urlRole).toString(), m_currentItem->data(authorRole).toString(),
ResourceWidget::licenseNameFromUrl(m_currentItem->data(licenseRole).toString(), true), m_currentItem->data(licenseRole).toString());
attribution.append(QStringLiteral("<br/> "));
QString saveUrlstring = QFileDialog::getSaveFileName(this, QString(), path, ext);
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