Commit e3cbf414 authored by Jean-Baptiste Mardelle's avatar Jean-Baptiste Mardelle
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remove libxcb* from AppImage (for ArchLinux and co)

parent 7fd38f92
......@@ -48,8 +48,17 @@ fi
# Step 1: Copy over all the resources provided by dependencies that we need
cp -r $DEPS_INSTALL_PREFIX/share/locale $APPDIR/usr/share/kdenlive
cp -r $DEPS_INSTALL_PREFIX/share/kf5 $APPDIR/usr/share
cp -r $DEPS_INSTALL_PREFIX/share/color-schemes $APPDIR/usr/share
cp -r $DEPS_INSTALL_PREFIX/share/mime $APPDIR/usr/share
if [ -d $DEPS_INSTALL_PREFIX/share/color-schemes ] ; then
cp -r $DEPS_INSTALL_PREFIX/share/color-schemes $APPDIR/usr/share
if [ -d $DEPS_INSTALL_PREFIX/share/icons/breeze ] ; then
cp -r $DEPS_INSTALL_PREFIX/share/icons/breeze $APPDIR/usr/share/icons
cp -r $DEPS_INSTALL_PREFIX/share/icons/breeze-dark $APPDIR/usr/share/icons
cp -r $DEPS_INSTALL_PREFIX/translations $APPDIR/usr/
cp -r $DEPS_INSTALL_PREFIX/openssl/lib/* $APPDIR/usr/lib
cp -r $DEPS_INSTALL_PREFIX/share/mlt $APPDIR/usr/share
......@@ -69,6 +78,7 @@ cp $(ldconfig -p | grep | cut -d ">" -f 2 | xargs) $APPDIR/usr/lib/
#cp $(ldconfig -p | grep | cut -d ">" -f 2 | xargs) $APPDIR/usr/lib/
rm $APPDIR/usr/lib/
rm $APPDIR/usr/lib/libxcb*
# Step 2: Relocate x64 binaries from the architecture specific directory as required for Appimages
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