Commit e5309de6 authored by Mahyar Koshkouei's avatar Mahyar Koshkouei
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Fix spelling in render preset dialog

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......@@ -163,7 +163,7 @@ RenderPresetDialog::RenderPresetDialog(QWidget *parent, RenderPresetModel *prese
vRateControlCombo->addItem(i18n("Average Bitrate"));
vRateControlCombo->addItem(i18n("CBR – Constant Bitrate"));
vRateControlCombo->addItem(i18n("VBR – Variable Bitrate"));
vRateControlCombo->addItem(i18n("Contrained VBR"));
vRateControlCombo->addItem(i18n("Constrained VBR"));
connect(scanningCombo, &QComboBox::currentTextChanged, this, [&]() {
fieldOrderCombo->setEnabled(scanningCombo->currentIndex() != 1);
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