Commit e58e316f authored by Jean-Baptiste Mardelle's avatar Jean-Baptiste Mardelle
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Fix saving project with several clip groups selected discarded those groups

parent 4075f59b
......@@ -745,10 +745,17 @@ const QString GroupsModel::toJson() const
std::unordered_set<int> roots;
std::transform(m_groupIds.begin(), m_groupIds.end(), std::inserter(roots, roots.begin()),
[&](decltype(*m_groupIds.begin()) g) { return getRootId(g.first); });
[&](decltype(*m_groupIds.begin()) g) {
const int parentId = getRootId(g.first);
if (getType(parentId) == GroupType::Selection) {
// Don't insert selection group, only its child groups
return g.first;
return parentId;
QJsonArray list;
for (int r : roots) {
if (getType(r) != GroupType::Selection) list.push_back(toJson(r));
QJsonDocument json(list);
return QString(json.toJson());
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