Commit e8a3af81 authored by Juku Trump's avatar Juku Trump Committed by Jean-Baptiste Mardelle
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Fix the integer value of effect parameter's checkbox. Fixes #880

parent 237ae40b
......@@ -42,6 +42,11 @@ BoolParamWidget::BoolParamWidget(std::shared_ptr<AssetParameterModel> model, QMo
// emit the signal of the base class when appropriate
connect(this->m_checkBox, &QCheckBox::stateChanged, this, [this](int state) {
// To represent 'checked' status, Qt uses number '2', but
// the boolean parameters in MLT effects use number '1'
if (state == 2) {
state = 1;
emit valueChanged(m_index, QString::number(state), true); });
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