Commit ea8f9e95 authored by Nicolas Carion's avatar Nicolas Carion

Fix compilation of resources

parent 77701c49
...@@ -239,10 +239,11 @@ qt5_add_dbus_adaptor(kdenlive_SRCS ...@@ -239,10 +239,11 @@ qt5_add_dbus_adaptor(kdenlive_SRCS
mainwindow.h mainwindow.h
MainWindow MainWindow
) )
qt5_add_resources(kdenlive_SRCS icons.qrc ui/resources.qrc uiresources.qrc) qt5_add_resources(kdenlive_extra_SRCS icons.qrc ui/resources.qrc uiresources.qrc)
add_library(kdenliveLib STATIC ${kdenlive_SRCS} ${kdenlive_UIS}) add_library(kdenliveLib STATIC ${kdenlive_SRCS} ${kdenlive_UIS})
add_executable(kdenlive add_executable(kdenlive
main.cpp main.cpp
) )
target_link_libraries(kdenlive target_link_libraries(kdenlive
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