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* [The KDE Frameworks][kf]
* [XMLGUI Technology][xmlgui-tut] (e.g. for the `kdenliveui.rc` file)
## Locale handling
Locales are important e.g. for formatting numbers in a way that the user is
familiar with. Some countries would write `12500.42` as `12.000,42`, for
Since 20.08, Kdenlive follows the following rules:
* When parsing data (by Kdenlive or by other libraries like MLT), **the `C`
locale is used.** This is especially important for project files. The reason
is that for passing data between programs, the format has to be well-defined
and *not* depend on where the user happens to live.
* When presenting data to the user, the user’s locale is used.
MLT uses the C locale which is set by `setlocale()` and which must be set to
`C`. If it is set to e.g. `hu_HU.utf-8`, which uses `,` as decimal separator,
properties are converted to this format upon saving the project file, and the
project file ends up corrupted.
In Kdenlive, `QLocale` should only be used in one case: when data is shown to
the user or read from the user. Usually that is handled by Qt already. A
`QDoubleSpinBox`, for example, presents the double value in the user’s local
number format.
## Configuration
Named settings are stored in [`kdenlivesettings.kcfg`][sett]. To add a new
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