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<release version="21.04.2" date="2021-06-10"/>
<release version="21.04.2" date="2021-06-10">
<url type="details"></url>
<p>The second maintenance release of the 21.04 series is out bringing</p>
<li>Patch to solve “white” rendering issues.</li>
<li>Fix clip thumbs disappearing on timeline resize.</li>
<li>Fix timeline thumbnails not saved with project.</li>
<li>Don’t discard subtitle files on project fps change.</li>
<li>Update guides position on project’s fps change.</li>
<li>Fix Chroma Key: Advanced edge mode normal was reset to hard.</li>
<li>Fix various frei0r effects losing parameter settings.</li>
<li>Fix keyframeview position in mixes.</li>
<li>Make effects keyframable: scratchlines, tcolor, lumaliftgaingamma, charcoal, dust, oldfilm, threshold, glitch0r. See bug 393668</li>
<li>Fix profile repository not properly refreshed after change.</li>
<li>Fix marker monitor overlayer flickers on hover.</li>
<li>Ensure timeline zoombar right handle is always visible.</li>
<li>Fix issue with duplicated title clips.</li>
<li>Fix effect sliders on right to left (rtl) layouts. Fixes bug 434981</li>
<li>Fix alignment of statusbar message label. Fixes bug 437113</li>
<li>Fix crash using filter with missing MLT metadata (vidstab in MLT 6.26.1)</li>
<li>Try to fix wrongly set color in titler.</li>
<release version="21.04.1" date="2021-05-13">
<url type="details"></url>
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