Commit f59bcead authored by Jean-Baptiste Mardelle's avatar Jean-Baptiste Mardelle
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Fix converting of old volume effect with constant value

parent 903f6d9b
......@@ -1545,9 +1545,12 @@ void DocumentValidator::convertKeyframeEffect(QDomElement effect, QStringList pa
QLocale locale;
int in = effect.attribute(QStringLiteral("in")).toInt() - offset;
int out = effect.attribute(QStringLiteral("out")).toInt() - offset;
values.insert(in, locale.toDouble(EffectsList::property(effect,;
values.insert(out, locale.toDouble(EffectsList::property(effect,;
QString endValue = EffectsList::property(effect,;
if (!endValue.isEmpty()) {
int out = effect.attribute(QStringLiteral("out")).toInt() - offset;
values.insert(out, locale.toDouble(endValue));
void DocumentValidator::updateProducerInfo(QDomElement prod, const QDomElement source)
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