Commit f8654e66 authored by Farid Abdelnour's avatar Farid Abdelnour 🎥
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Add missing "=" symbol in GPU profile

parent e83f8dc0
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......@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@
audioqualities="3,5,7" defaultaudioquality="5"
args="f=asf vcodec=wmv2 acodec=wmav2 qscale=%quality aq=%audioquality"/>
<group name="GPU | testing" renderer="avformat" type"av">
<group name="GPU | testing" renderer="avformat" type="av">
<profile name="NVENC H264 CBR" extension="mp4"
args="f=mp4 vcodec=nvenc_h264 vb=30000k rc=cbr acodec=aac ab=192k"/>
<profile name="NVENC H264 VBR" extension="mp4"
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