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GIT_SILENT Update Appstream for new release

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<release version="22.12.0" date="2022-12-08"/>
<release version="22.08.3" date="2022-11-03"/>
<release version="22.08.2" date="2022-10-13"/>
<release version="22.08.1" date="2022-09-08"/>
<release version="22.08.0" date="2022-08-18">
<url type="details"></url>
The 22.08 release brings exciting new features, many improvements and of course a bunch of fixes for a smooth editing experience. Check it out!
Some highlights:
<li>Improved audio recording: countdown timer, ability to control the input level, live waveform while recording.</li>
<li>Global subtitle styling: adjust font, color, size, position etc.</li>
<li>Importing of .vtt (Web Video Text Tracks) and .sbv (YouTube) subtitle files.</li>
<li>Export guides as chapters for YouTube, etc.</li>
<li>Integration with Glaxnimate vector graphics animation program.</li>
<li>Added support of LOTTIE and RAWR animations and AVIF, HEIF, HEIC and JPEG XL image formats.</li>
<url type="homepage"></url>
<url type="bugtracker"></url>
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