Commit fcf8ee8b authored by Jean-Baptiste Mardelle's avatar Jean-Baptiste Mardelle
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Fix timeremap requesting invalid clip index (producer is not inserted in a track at that point)

parent c3f44abd
......@@ -745,10 +745,7 @@ void ClipModel::refreshProducerFromBin(int trackId, PlaylistState::ClipState sta
m_producer->set_in_and_out(in, out);
if (m_hasTimeRemap != isChain()) {
m_hasTimeRemap = !m_hasTimeRemap;
if (auto ptr = m_parent.lock()) {
QModelIndex ix = ptr->makeClipIndexFromID(m_id);
emit ptr->dataChanged(ix, ix, {TimelineModel::TimeRemapRole});
// producer is not on a track, no data refresh needed
if (m_hasTimeRemap) {
// Restor timeremap parameters
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