Commit fe2b1986 authored by Massimo Stella's avatar Massimo Stella
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Added xml UI for the avfilter.photosensitivity

parent bcc479fb
<!DOCTYPE kpartgui>
<effect tag="avfilter.photosensitivity" id="avfilter.photosensitivity">
<description>Filter out photosensitive epilepsy seizure-inducing flashes.</description>
<parameter type="animated" name="av.f" min="2" max="240" default="30" decimals="0">
<name>Frames to use</name><comment>Set how many frames to use.</comment>
<parameter type="animated" name="av.t" min="0.1" max="10" default="1" decimals="3">
<name>Theshold</name><comment>Set detection threshold factor, lower is stricter</comment>
<parameter type="animated" name="av.skip" min="1" max="1024" default="1" decimals="0">
<name>Skip</name><comment>Set pixels to skip when sampling frames</comment>
<parameter type="bool" name="av.bypass" default="0">
<name>Bypass</name><comment>Leave frames unchanged</comment>
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