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Don't try to process audio thumbs if we don't have data (for example for placeholder clips)

parent bea04c0d
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ Row {
function reload() {
// This is needed to make the model have the correct count.
// Model as a property expression is not working in all cases.
if (!timeline.showAudioThumbnails || (waveform.scrollMin > clipRoot.modelStart + clipRoot.clipDuration) || (clipRoot.modelStart > waveform.scrollMax)) {
if (!timeline.showAudioThumbnails || (waveform.scrollMin > clipRoot.modelStart + clipRoot.clipDuration) || (clipRoot.modelStart > waveform.scrollMax) || clipRoot.audioLevels == '') {
//var t0 = new Date();
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