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Move Gain effect to "Audio correction" category

Patch by Juku Trump

(cherry picked from commit 187a0f8e)
parent 7d16bd12
Pipeline #302 passed with stage
in 24 minutes and 28 seconds
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@
<group list="volume,normalise,gain,ladspa.1049,ladspa.1048,ladspa.1413,mute">
<text>Audio correction</text>
<group list="audiobalance,audiopan,gain,swapchannels,ladspa.1406,channelcopy">
<group list="audiobalance,audiopan,swapchannels,ladspa.1406,channelcopy">
<text>Audio channels</text>
<group list="audiowave,audiospectrum,frei0r.pr0be,frei0r.pr0file,frei0r.rgbparade,frei0r.timeout,frei0r.vectorscope">
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