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Commit 10e27741 authored by Nicolas Carion's avatar Nicolas Carion

[Timeline2][QML] Remove old useless stuff

parent 502f6963
......@@ -26,7 +26,6 @@ Column{
property alias rootIndex: trackModel.rootIndex
property bool isAudio
property real timeScale: 1.0
property bool placeHolderAdded: false
property bool isCurrentTrack: false
property bool isLocked: false
property var selection
......@@ -97,16 +96,6 @@ Column{
var cIndex = clip.clipId
var frame = Math.round(clip.x / timeScale)
// Remove the placeholder inserted in onDraggedToTrack
if (placeHolderAdded) {
placeHolderAdded = false
if (fromTrack === toTrack)
// XXX This is causing timeline to become undefined making function
// call below to fail. This basically results in rejected operation
// to the user, but at least it prevents the timeline from becoming
// corrupt and out-of-sync with the model.
trackModel.items.resolve(cIndex, cIndex + 1)
console.log("Asking move ",toTrack, cIndex, frame)
var val = timeline.moveClip(fromTrack, toTrack, cIndex, frame, true)
console.log("RESULT", val)
......@@ -186,27 +175,6 @@ Column{
onDraggedToTrack: {
if (!placeHolderAdded) {
placeHolderAdded = true
trackModel.items.insert(clip.DelegateModel.itemsIndex, {
'name': '',
'resource': '',
'duration': clip.clipDuration,
'mlt_service': '<producer',
'in': 0,
'out': clip.clipDuration - 1,
'blank': true,
'audio': false,
'isTransition': false,
'fadeIn': 0,
'fadeOut': 0,
//'hash': '',
'speed': 1.0
onDropped: placeHolderAdded = false
Component.onCompleted: {
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