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Fix crash on play/pause after switching monitor

parent 4b12236f
......@@ -245,7 +245,6 @@ void GLWidget::initializeGL()
connect(m_frameRenderer, &FrameRenderer::frameDisplayed, this, &GLWidget::onFrameDisplayed, Qt::QueuedConnection);
connect(m_frameRenderer, &FrameRenderer::audioSamplesSignal, this, &GLWidget::audioSamplesSignal, Qt::QueuedConnection);
connect(this, &GLWidget::textureUpdated, this, &GLWidget::update, Qt::QueuedConnection);
m_isInitialized = true;
......@@ -1434,7 +1433,6 @@ void GLWidget::updateTexture(GLuint yName, GLuint uName, GLuint vName)
m_texture[1] = uName;
m_texture[2] = vName;
m_sendFrame = sendFrameForAnalysis;
emit textureUpdated();
// update();
......@@ -156,7 +156,6 @@ public slots:
void frameDisplayed(const SharedFrame &frame);
void textureUpdated();
void dragStarted();
void seekTo(int x);
void gpuNotSupported();
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