Update layout management: add 5 default layouts, allow renaming/deleting.

Related to #407
parent e8cc6d25
<!DOCTYPE kpartgui SYSTEM "kpartgui.dtd">
<kpartgui name="kdenlive" version="187" translationDomain="kdenlive">
<kpartgui name="kdenlive" version="188" translationDomain="kdenlive">
<Menu name="file" >
<Action name="file_save"/>
......@@ -231,14 +231,10 @@
<Menu name="view" noMerge="1" ><text>View</text>
<Action name="fullscreen" />
<Separator />
<Menu name="layout_save_as" ><text>Save Layout As</text>
<Action name="save_layout1" />
<Action name="save_layout2" />
<Action name="save_layout3" />
<Action name="save_layout4" />
<Action name="load_layouts" />
<Menu name="dockareaoriantation" ><text>Dock Area Orientation</text>
<Action name="load_layouts" />
<Action name="save_layout" />
<Action name="manage_layout" />
<Menu name="dockareaoriantation" ><text>Dock Area Orientation</text>
<Action name="vertical_dockareaorientation" />
<Action name="horizontal_dockareaorientation" />
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -26,9 +26,11 @@ public:
private slots:
/** @brief Saves the widget layout. */
void slotSaveLayout(QAction *action);
void slotSaveLayout();
/** @brief Loads a saved widget layout. */
void slotLoadLayout(QAction *action);
/** @brief Manage layout. */
void slotManageLayouts();
void slotOnGUISetupDone();
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