Commit 8d0de8c9 authored by Luigi Toscano's avatar Luigi Toscano

Add the namespace to the appdata file

- the name of the appdata file should match the name of the desktop files
  it refers to;
- use the specific variable to find the directory of metadata (appstream)
parent 317ae597
......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ install(FILES
install(FILES kdenlive_projectprofiles.knsrc kdenlive_renderprofiles.knsrc kdenlive_wipes.knsrc kdenlive_titles.knsrc DESTINATION ${CONFIG_INSTALL_DIR})
install(FILES profiles.xml DESTINATION ${DATA_INSTALL_DIR}/kdenlive/export)
install(FILES kdenlive.appdata.xml DESTINATION ${SHARE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/appdata)
install(FILES org.kde.kdenlive.appdata.xml DESTINATION ${KDE_INSTALL_METAINFODIR})
install(FILES kdenlive.svg DESTINATION ${DATA_INSTALL_DIR}/pixmaps)
install(FILES org.kde.kdenlive.desktop DESTINATION ${XDG_APPS_INSTALL_DIR})
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