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Fix crash when changing composition type of a grouped composition

parent 4a22be2c
......@@ -3563,6 +3563,13 @@ void TimelineModel::switchComposition(int cid, const QString &compoId)
int forcedTrack = compo->getForcedTrack();
Fun undo = []() { return true; };
Fun redo = []() { return true; };
// Clear selection
if (m_groups->isInGroup(cid)) {
pCore->displayMessage(i18n("Cannot operate on grouped composition, please ungroup"), ErrorMessage);
bool res = requestCompositionDeletion(cid, undo, redo);
int newId;
res = res && requestCompositionInsertion(compoId, currentTrack, a_track, currentPos, duration, nullptr, newId, undo, redo);
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