Commit ab784ce0 authored by Nicolas Carion's avatar Nicolas Carion

Remove unused function (requestclipTrim)

parent e4b5bd83
......@@ -786,10 +786,6 @@ bool TimelineModel::requestItemResize(int itemId, int size, bool right, bool log
return result;
bool TimelineModel::requestClipTrim(int clipId, int delta, bool right, bool ripple, bool logUndo)
return requestItemResize(clipId, m_allClips[clipId]->getPlaytime() - delta, right, logUndo);
int TimelineModel::requestClipsGroup(const std::unordered_set<int> &ids, bool logUndo, bool temporarySelection)
......@@ -349,17 +349,6 @@ public:
/* Same function, but accumulates undo and redo and doesn't deal with snapping*/
bool requestItemResize(int itemId, int size, bool right, bool logUndo, Fun &undo, Fun &redo, bool blockUndo = false);
/* @brief Similar to requestClipResize but takes a delta instead of absolute size
This action is undoable
Returns true on success. If it fails, nothing is modified.
@param clipId is the ID of the clip
@param delta is the delta to be applied to the length of the clip
@param right is true if we change the right side of the clip, false otherwise
@param ripple TODO document this
@param test_only if set to true, the undo is not created and no signal is sent to qml
bool requestClipTrim(int clipId, int delta, bool right, bool ripple = false, bool test_only = false);
/* @brief Group together a set of ids
The ids are either a group ids or clip ids. The involved clip must already be inserted in a track
This action is undoable
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